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La Vendée

The name Vendée is taken from the Vendée River which runs through the south-eastern part of the department. The original form was *Vindeda which means "the white", and was derived from the Gaulish *uindos meaning « white ».

On average, the Vendée coast gets 2000 hours of sunshine a year. Therefore it was given the nickname of « la côte de lumière », the coast of sunlight. The Vendée is the sunniest region of the Atlantic coast.

Thanks to its 250 km of coast including 140 km of sandy beaches, the Vendée is the envy of many other departments. Counting 3 million tourists every year, the Vendée rates as the second most visited holiday department in France.

Choosing the Vendée is the guaranty of an unforgettable vacation. There is something for everyone:

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